Legislative Issue Briefs

2021 Legislative Agenda

One of the key benefits of being a member of one of Rhode Island’s largest trade organizations is that your voice will be heard – from lobbying to grassroots advocacy, RI REALTORS® works diligently with area legislative bodies on the promotion of REALTOR® public policy and the protection of homeownership rights. Below are a some of the issues that we are working on.

Coastal & Riverine Flood Resilience


H 5124 and S 475 enables cities and towns to provide a tax exemption to individuals who make structural improvements to their homes located within a flood plain to mitigate flood disasters.

Tiny Homes


H 5632 requires towns and cities to allow tiny homes to be used as accessory dwelling units and to be counted as affordable housing.

Real Estate Conveyance Tax


H 5456 and S 229 would require the State of Rhode Island to utilize the portion of the real estate conveyance tax for housing initiatives previously used for state spending.

Spot Assessments


H 5410 and S 96 prohibits cities and towns from performing spot assessments that increase the assessment value of properties that have sold, except in accordance with their revaluation or update schedule.

Condominium Association Resale Certificates


H 5644 and S 392 restrict the amount that a condominium association can charge a unit owner for a resale certificate at $125.

Real Estate Fair Housing Licensure Education


H 5268 and S 413 require applicants to pass a course which includes topics on fair housing as part of the required 24 hours of continuing education for licensure.

First-Time Homebuyers Savings Accounts


H 5536 and S 478 would authorize the creation of first-time homebuyer savings accounts from which savings to purchase a home could be deducted from an individual’s or couple’s personal income taxes.

Eviction Moratorium


This legislation imposes a moratorium on non-essential evictions/mortgage foreclosures during a state of emergency declared by the governor relating to residential property and establishes an eviction diversion program to resolve landlord-tenant eviction disputes.

Remote Online Notarization


This legislation would allow the continuance of remote online notarization (RON) following the expiration of the executive emergency order currently in effect and requires a certificate of any notarial act.