The contributions of RI RPAC 2019 Major Investors play an important role in elevating the real estate industry and protecting the people it serves! It’s no wonder then, that they received well-deserved recognition at the New England REALTOR® Conference last week.

The Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® echoes the gratitude and appreciation shared at the conference and thanks the following 2019 RI RPAC Major Investors (contributions of $1000+) for their advocacy and commitment:

Stephen Antoni | Ron Phipps | Bruce Allen | Annie Becker | Agueda DelBorgo | Dean deTonnancourt | Leann D’Ettore | Deborah Giannini | Pamela Hanson Carbone | Susan Kelly | Paul Leys | Susan Martin-Phipps | James Moore | Donald Morash | Jennifer O’Hora Lawrence | Alexander Parmenidez | Peter Scotti | William Sizeland | Rickard Smith | Thomas Sweeney